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When a person gets sick, they need the right combination of medicine, expertise and support to get them back to good health. At Computer Care, this is precisely the approach we take when it comes to computers and networks be being the guiding hand every business owner needs when it comes to the performance of their systems. We are an ITIL certified companies offering outsourced IT services to businesses of between one and 250 staff members.

We believe, what’s even more important than solving your problems is preventing them from happening in the first place – which is what our dedicated team and cost effective services at Computer Care provides to our clients. With us by your side, your business will be saved from instances of your critical IT system to going down without warning. We take pride in our ability of predicting your system’s needs first, and preventing any disaster. And if a disaster strikes? Computer Care’s engineers will come and perform a full restore and swap-out to ensure you’re back up and running with as little downtime as possible!

Our Mission

To be the best and trustworthy outsourced IT solution provider to businesses, with full monitoring and protections of their systems, along with services to restore & revive systems if disaster strikes – at a fraction of the price of in-house IT support!

Our Vision

  • To provide a forward thinking approach to IT
  • To accommodate future growth for businesses by ensuring built in scalability of their computer system.
  • To be the best in the industry to provide IT vigilance as well as solutions.
  • To be the one stop destination for everything related to IT Support.


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