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Keeping your Business on track – no matter what!

Unforeseen calamities, like fire, floods, and earthquakes can damage your network and bring on some serious downtime to your business. While we can’t possibly control these calamities, we can help your business get its groove back sooner than later! Our services include standard backup monitoring & disaster recovery – which means losing vital business data need not be your concern anymore! Our online backup of your data means in case of disasters, you can operate your business even from temporary offices if necessary. To ensure the backups are working correctly, we do a quarterly test restore as well. Worried about your emails getting lost in the way during a disaster? If a technical failure prevents any email from reaching you, our secondary backup services ensure it is directed to a backup server and re-delivered once your primary email server is back online. What if there’s a server failure? We always maintain a copy of your server’s software and configuration and record ‘system state data’ in your online backup, so that we can reinstate your server in a jiffy or provide you with a pre-configured ‘emergency standby’ server to get your business running as soon as possible! And if you face a hardware failure, we can provide a temporary replacement machine with the basic functionality of your failed server, workstation, or ADSL modem / router. The best part? Your business will smoothly get back to its feet without your clients ever guessing there was a problem!