Computer Care

Graham Yeomans, Partner, Moulton Johnson Chartered Accountants

We came across Computer Care through a referral. At the time we needed some backup assistance to our in-house IT and wanted to upgrade our networks, with ongoing support thereafter. We were wary of getting involved with any outsourced IT company, mainly because whenever we’d come across IT providers in the past they failed to understand what we needed to bring our system up to speed. But when we met with Simon Pardo of Computer Care, he listened carefully to what we were saying and understood what we wanted. I’m a gifted amateur when it comes to IT, and I’ve got a good grasp of how our particular system works, so I asked Simon a few technical questions to make sure he wasn’t like some of the other so called ‘IT experts’ I’d met – many who genuinely didn’t know the difference between a server and an operating system – and his knowledge and expertise were spot on. He listened intently, and immediately understood our system and the ways that it could be improved. More than that, he didn’t try to blind us with techno-babble; he talks in straight terms and makes everything easy to understand, which is the mark of a real professional.

Computer Care Good For Morale

facilitated the growth and efficiency of our business. With the old system, if the hard drive died you’d have to restore the backup to a new one. Today servers are in place, with redundancy built into them. This means you can lose two out of three drives and still keep your business-critical data. While the chances of this happening are very small, it gives real peace of mind to know that our crucial information is so well protected. But what’s even more impressive is that if one of our databanks fails, Computer Care knows about it straightaway. Often, before we even find out what’s happened, they’ve already flagged up the fault, ordered a new drive and come in to replace it. Now that’s service. Computer Care is like our ‘all seeing eye’, remotely parenting our system to avert imminent disaster. Because of this, I never have to worry about the system because they do that for me.

Business Critical – With Confidence

efficiency of the computer systems are vital. I’d even go as far as to say that these things have an impact on staff morale. Since Computer Care has started looking after our IT, I’ve actually noticed a change in the staff, who are now more confident in our IT setup than before. Knowing that problems can be quickly and efficiently sorted out means they worry less about data loss and downtime. And where staff members always used to look to me to fix IT glitches, they’re now getting in touch with Computer Care directly, which gives me more time to focus on other things. Ultimately, the work Computer Care has done has reduced employee frustrations at computer screen level, and increased their overall confidence in our company. I can only attribute that to the fact that we made a very wise move when we decided to outsource to Computer Care.

Quick And Cost-Effective

Computer Care is very competitively priced. We pay by the hour, and never feel like we’re getting a raw deal or being seen to after higher paying customers. They’re also quick and reliable. We phone them with a problem, and they sort it out by linking straight into our system to begin the troubleshooting process. Often, the next time we hear from them is when they’ve fixed the problem, so it’s really like having your own IT department on tap, only without the high in-house cost. Today, our offices are going through a systems and network development programmer, which is ongoing, and Computer Care is overseeing the project. So far we’ve seen a marked difference in the reliability and speed of the system. The networking has been re-optimized, and the access time to the servers has halved. The whole system is now more robust and more reliable, both in terms of external and inter-office connectivity. And we have the ability to connect with the databases of our separate offices via a secure intranet, so as long as we have a wireless connection to our laptops, any authorized person can access files from wherever they are. What Computer Care has put in place has given everyone at Moulton Johnson increased flexibility. And because Computer Care is able to access the system from outside, it saves travel time for them, which saves downtime for us, not to mention being better for the environment. However, if there’s a problem that can’t be solved remotely, they always come in to fix it.