Computer Care

John Harridge, MD, Harridge Executive Search Ltd Recruitment Company

Life is much easier since we started using Computer Care as our outsourced IT department. We had a previous agreement with a larger company that provided three levels of service. But we had major frustrations with the company. We were paying for services we weren’t using, and not being given advice on the things we wanted advice on. The company advised us to put a separate telephone line to remotely access our server – an unnecessary cost to our business. Still, I had to physically resolve any technical problems. If I did have a problem with my laptop, I would end up being instructed by how to fix it over the phone. Things such as reloading CDs, reconfiguring my computer, rebooting my laptop were all done by me. I spent endless hours trying to sort out IT problems when I should have been getting on with my own business. There was a lot of personal downtime for me that would have been far better spent in other areas. In addition, response times to problems were often a day or more, which was also disruptive to business. Computer Care put an end to all our grievances by providing us with a simple, honest, flexible and professional service. Computer Care asked us what we wanted, starting with our needs and working from there, which, after everything we’d been through, was a breath of fresh air. The actual solutions Computer Care had to the problems we had were also much more comprehensive. For instance, when our internet service provider changed our ISP locations without letting us know, and our emails stopped coming through, we called Computer Care and told them about it. They checked the ISP address and reconfigured the router, and our emails started to come through again. They solved the problem quickly and seamlessly, and best of all they did it with almost no input from me at all. Lastly, when it comes to pricing, we now pay for the hours we use rather than paying a retainer, which works much more effectively for our business. After all, why pay for a service when you’re not using it? Computer Care shares this ethos, too. For all of these reasons, I recommend them highly.