Computer Care

Kevin Watts, Crystal Palace FC, Commercial director

Perfect Save

Over the years, having suffered a rocky path running the business with an unreliable IT system, and IT support technicians more akin to back street car mechanics, Simon Pardo and his company Computer Care have turned my IT nightmare into a dream. I’m delighted to have their involvement and expertise dedicated to the Club. What I liked about Simon straightaway was his easy manner, and the fact that he was nothing like the IT people I’d been dealing with. He persuaded me that Computer Care could do a better job for a better price than a tender I already had in my possession. He also said that, once the new system was in place, I would it would need very little in the way of ongoing maintenance. His unique tariff-based support charges appealed to me, with a rollover of unused service hours and no additional commitment to call outs.

A happy transfer

Care are on board with us, and I’ve had time to reflect on my decision to go with them, I can safely say it’s been the best decision I’ve made in my entire career at the Club. The installation went very smoothly, and the business downtime was minimal. If anything, Computer Care they did the opposite of what I’d come to expect from IT companies I’d dealt with in the past: they under-promised and over-delivered. And I suspect they spent more time on the job than Simon originally anticipated, but they didn’t charge any more for that time, which has helped build trust. I’ve also heard good things from other staff members in my team, who say that that Computer Care are the most approachable, non-condescending and affable bunch of people you could meet.

The agony and the ecstasy

properly maintained. Before Computer Care, if our IT system experienced any problems, the downtime while it was being sorted out was usually one or two days, and that used to happen almost every month! Since July, when Computer Care joined us, we’ve had just half-a-day of downtime. So not only have they been cheaper on price, not only have they done a fantastic job, they are also preserving the company’s reputation and helping it to save money. Today, I can tell anyone, hand on heart, that if they bring their laptop to Crystal Palace FC for a conference they’ll benefit from a glitch-free wireless connection. A year ago, I couldn’t have made that promise. The change is all thanks to Computer Care. Our Customer Resource Management (CRM) has also improved. We’re now going into second-phase development under the auspices of Computer Care. Everything is slicker and we have the capability to send out more sophisticated e-shots to clients and customers. And if there is a problem of any kind, all we I have to do is connect with a technician via our intranet, which links directly to Computer Care’s site. They then access our system, and attempt to fix the problem remotely. If they can’t resolve it remotely, then they come over to fix the problem on site. And they only charge per hour worked. When you’ve been paying a minimum £400 fee on every callout, regardless of whether an IT problem is resolved or not; or you’ve paid a fortune talking to somebody on the phone who couldn’t get to the bottom of the issue, it doesn’t take long to work out that Computer Care delivers a fair, flexible and highly competitive service. Having had so many bad experiences with IT, Computer Care has been a breath of fresh air. These guys should be shouted from the rooftops. They’re beyond unique.