Computer Care

Lucy Binding, Managing Partner, Policy Matters

Why did you Choose Computer Care?

We were looking for an IT company who could provide us with a flexible service that could meet our unique business needs. We are a growing virtual business with no central office and associates working across a wide area so fast and reliable communication is of the highest importance to us. Computer Care addressed our business needs head on, listening to our problems and addressing them in turn. They talk plain language not jargon and their friendly service makes them very approachable; they help us to use our resources more efficiently.

How has Computer Care’s Service Benefited Your Company?

All I.T. related issues are directed to a single point of contact and rapidly dealt with; it’s really like having your own I.T. department. Also we rely on them to advise and assist us when developing solutions or services for our clients – such as developing a business continuity website and externally hosting it for us or building budget impact estimators to support the new treatments that our client’s are introducing to GPs and hospital doctors in the NHS.

Have There Been Any Key Business Issues That Computer Care Have Helped You With?

sending documents for review and editing via POP3 e-mail, which meant lots of large e-mail attachments and many document revisions flying around. Knowing what one another were doing was also very manual and time consuming. Computer Care looked at our requirements and proposed that we use Microsoft SharePoint as a document management system and that a server be purchased and hosted at their offices. With the use of SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange we can now easily share, review and modify documents on our server over the internet, we are notified immediately of changes to these documents via e-mail. Also using our own exchange server means we can share ‘Calendars’, have ‘Out of Office’ messages and e-mail redirection to cover holidays etc, this gives us a more professional image. Now we’ve made this commitment there are many more features we can take advantage of in the future as our business dictates.

How Would You Sum up Your Experience of Computer Care?

Care have been a fantastic company to work with and have met, and often exceeded our expectations. We have full confidence in their ability and technical ‘know how’ and would highly recommend them to any business, whether they are virtual like us or more transitional, that is looking to outsource their I.T. services.